Dec. 2020 Conflict Management & Communication Skills Webinar

Date Choices:  Thurs., Dec. 17, 2020 (sorry, folks, Dec. 15 is FULL).
Time: Sessions are 10:00 am-Noon U.S. Central Time

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Please Note: This is a single 2-hour webinar offered on two different dates (not a multi-session series).

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Click here for the full workshop description.  Or, Download Brochure & Registration Form (to submit a scanned paper form)   Workplace Conflict + Communication Skills – Dec. 2020

Registration Fee:  The fee is $60/participant. Organizations, tribes or schools sending a group of 5 or more may register one additional participant for free.

Registration Deadline:  Please register by Dec. 11, 2020 if possible.  While there are no refunds for cancellations, substitutions are accepted at any point. Or, registrants may participate in a future online training.  Online registration is preferred; simply scroll down to the registration form below.

Pre-Assessment:  All registrants will receive a pre-assessment (via Survey Monkey) asking them to share challenges and scenarios they may wish to discuss during the training.  It is also helpful to have a few brave volunteers to role-play.  This is voluntary.


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Registration Deadline:  Please register by Friday, Dec. 11, 2020.

Registration Fee:  The fee is $60.00/participant.  You may use the Pay Pal link on the registration form or send a check.  Please note that Pay Pal charges a small additional fee.  Checks may be made payable to Rebecca Schueller Training & Consulting and mailed to PO Box 1513, Bemidji, MN  56619-1513.   Email Becky at to request a W-9 Form for your Finance Department.

Cancellations:  All registrations are final and substitutes are accepted at any point.  Please try to give 5 days notice when possible for the attendance certificate and to ensure the substitute receives the Zoom meeting link.  Unfortunately, there are no refunds for cancellations.  Whenever possible, you will be invited to join another online training provided by Rebecca Schueller Training & Consulting.

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Tues., December 15th Payment


Thurs., December 17th Payment

8 Registrations (including one free regis. + Pay Pal fee) $370.75 USD

Dec. 2020 Grant Writing Readiness: Building Your Team’s Capacity – Online Webinar Series (Please click for the registration form)

6 sessions – 2 Weeks – Dec. 1, 3, 7, 8, 9, 10, 2020 – All sessions are 1:00-3:00 pm U.S. Central Time

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Download Brochure: Grant Writing Readiness-Dec 2020 Flyer

Workshop Description:

Grant Writing Readiness: Effective grants build on an agency’s strengths, accomplishments and capacity and convince funders that a strong return on investment is likely. This workshop teaches core concepts of effective grants that can be used for both private and public funders. Many grant writers work incredibly hard but are so busy with increasing compliance, financial and legal requirements, that grants are often not planned well. While last minute grants are sometimes funded, they often do not provide present your agency at its best. Poorly planned grants are more obvious in today’s online environment because there is less space to make a strong case. Build the capacity of your grant writing team. Everyone in your organization has a role to play in the success of your resource development efforts. Teamwork and planning improve your readiness to submit competitive, successful grants. Use your team to help with basic pre-planning, review & editing, and a thoughtful analysis of organizational capacity.

Learn the 5 questions your organization should ask before submitting proposals and the components of a competitive grant *Discover how to analyze funder priorities and make “the right ask” *Develop budgets that make sense for your agency’s bottom line * Make a strong case for operating funding *Learn the ranking, scoring, & review process for grants *Build your agency’s grant submission team *Develop your plan to impress funders during site visits *Increase your available time for larger, more complex (and lucrative!) grants by training others in your organization who wish to develop the capacity to write some of your smaller renewal grants *Discuss simple strategies to build and maintain an ongoing relationship with your funder(s) * Review the basic steps necessary to ensure that your agency will be remembered with respect (not dread!) when you re-apply for funding.

The Grant Scoring/Ranking/Review Process: Experiential learning is required! Participate in a live internal grant review panel. This requires a brave soul who will share a grant, budget, workplan and attachments, which will be reviewed by other participants.

Special Offer: This brave individual attends at a 50{fc6ceb31d80ec6fabac42d0f5acbad593f1794ee702287db734e3a34db1da57f} discount on the Early Bird Registration Fee. Note: You may submit an existing proposal or a grant for a program that has since ended (but nothing prior to 2017). Participants will read, score, and write review comments in advance of the workshop. During the workshop, we will convene the grant review panel to give feedback to the grant writer on how to make the grant more competitive. We will review the budget, workplan, and attachments.

Experience a strategic grant review rather than a “wordsmithing” exercise *Learn to convene and internal grant review panel to increase competitive submissions *Understand how to use Word Tables, develop budgets and narratives in Excel, develop multi-year budgets and show matching costs *Develop data that makes your community need clear *Frame your organization’s impact in compelling terms *Discuss concepts like “supplant” and supplement *Ask all your questions!

Intended Audience: Build your grant writing team! Give your Beginners and experienced grant writers in nonprofits, tribal organizations, schools and public agencies can benefit from revisiting grant writing best practices and learning new strategies to make your grants more powerful and effective. Advocates, case managers, administrative assistants, office managers, and Executive Directors, Board Members, Program Directors, and other interested individuals are welcome to attend.

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November 2020 Supervision & Performance Appraisal Skills To Support Effective Teams Webinar Series

Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays (November 9, 10, 12, 16, 17, & 19 – 1:00-3:00 pm) U.S. Central Time 6 Sessions/12 Attendance Hours

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Download Brochure: Supervision Performance Appraisal -Nov. 2020 Flyer

“Literally everything was valuable. I have tools that I can use immediately to help make supervision more structured and purposeful. I can’t wait to share this information with our administration.”

“I am very excited to implement the Team Designed Alliance. You are a great presenter. We gained a lot from this, and I love your passion and energy.”

“We are thinking how important this could be to our management team and we should do this as a team.”

“Becky, Thank you so much for your time and all of the fantastically practical information you shared with us the past two days. There’s not much better than a training where you walk away with very usable tools to work on implementing right away.”

“I appreciated your role modeling of difficult feedback. I enjoyed this very much.”

“All our Tribal Directors should attend this, especially Human Resources.”

“I really hope my organization will have all the supervisors get this training.”

“I gained confidence in having conversations and evaluations with staff.”

“I learned to be much more deliberate in my interactions with staff.”

“I really like the way you encouraged self-care and self-compassion.”

“I loved the style in which you led the discussion.”

“Everything was covered – thank you for the time you spent focusing on our organization.”

Webinar Option: Covid-19 has changed work life permanently. Employers are exploring options to re-open that protect employee health and safety, and many will continue to limit employee travel through the Fall. This webinar replaces a 12-hour, two-day in-person training with content updated to reflect working conditions in the era of Covid-19. Training will be offered 2 hours/day, 3 days a week over a 2-week period for a total of 12 attendance hours. Attendance certificates provided. Zoom break-out sessions will be used for small group discussion.

Workshop Description: Supervisory support makes a significant impact on employee mental health and well-being during ordinary times and more so in times of extreme stress and uncertainty. Employers currently have the opportunity to reinvent their organizational practices and culture to support the ability of staff to bring their best to their work. Make sure that as a supervisor, you receive the formal training you need for this cultural pivot. Ensure that you are creating positive momentum to support diversity, inclusivity, and equity for employees. How will your team designed alliance and communication agreements look different in this new period? Do you view supervision time with staff and performance appraisals as opportunities to partner and learn your staff’s goals and hopes for their clients and their ideas for new ways to provide services or new programs that can help your organization adapt to the new realities? With staggered schedules, communication with staff to learn the resources, tools, & support they need to do their jobs is a priority. Ensure that your organization keeps the “right” staff to bring your organization through the Covid-19 recovery period. With reduced resources, high quality staff who can perform at their best are essential. Effective supervision is even more important in a remote work environment because not all employees are suited to create their own structure and work independently.

Due to Covid-19 social distancing requirements, many employers have laid off, furloughed or reduced staff hours. Combined with a lack of formal supervisory training, this can become a situation ripe for unhappy employees and significantly reduced long-term productivity. Workforce development and training are critical during times of crisis as new practices are needed and opportunities for business, nonprofit, tribal, and governmental pivots become more important.

Intended Audience: This workshop is designed for employees charged with supervisory responsibilities. Nonprofit/tribal/and county human services managers, program directors, maintenance and transportation supervisors, financial services managers, county auditors, school principals, community college deans, and business professionals have appreciated this workshop. The supervision, communication, and evaluation tools taught are relevant in multiple workplaces.

About Your Trainer: Becky Schueller currently provides online webinar training and consulting. She has three decades of experience working with national, urban and rural nonprofits, tribal organizations, and small businesses. In addition to 30+ years of management, leadership, & supervisory experience with nonprofits, Becky served multiple community agencies in board, staff, committee, volunteer, and consultant roles. She worked for the Chicago Foundation for Women, supervised an all-Cambodian refugee staff, and served at the YMCA of the USA. In 2018-19, she was the Northwest Minnesota Continuum of Care Coordinator, supporting housing and homeless service providers. Becky’s most recent long-term staff role was serving as a youth and family service agency executive director from 2001-17. The agency’s $1M budget doubled and the staff grew from 20+ to 40+ members.

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