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Becky trains, consults, and coaches nonprofits, native nations, and counties.  She provides staff, board, volunteer, and organizational training and consulting to help you maximize client and community impact, promote staff well-being, and increase organizational sustainability.  Becky served Chicago area organizations for 15 years and then spent 20+ years serving rural and tribal communities.

Organizations succeed when they can effectively engage and develop people. Passionate staff and volunteers who believe in the mission, who can build strong working relationships, and who commit to ongoing learning and professional development are essential. We need people at all levels in our organizations who are prepared to navigate new realities and the uncertainties that are part of our current world, as we continue to cope with life and work changes following COVID-19, social justice and racial reckoning priorities, and the current state of our world. Becky’s goal is to help your organizations harness the transformational opportunities and pivots provided by pandemic-related changes and new commitments to social, economic, and racial justice.

Training & Consulting Grounded in Community Practice & Research

Becky brings 30+ years of hands-on practice in running nonprofits and serving on boards and committees to her training and consulting work.  She is also an avid researcher and reader and combines real world experience with best practice(s) research.  Services help Boards of Directors, CEOs, and staff focus on their most important organizational priorities and goals in ways that are practical and realistic and bring you closer to your intended outcomes. Request a free consultation to discuss how to use and support your Board well, develop your organization’s supervisory capacity to effectively develop/engage/and retain your committed staff, reflect on your core mission and course correct to improve client impact and outcomes, and explore new approaches and resources. Becky offers a pro bono initial assessment and will submit a bid for services that  outlines all costs and deliverables.  Contact Becky to discuss services that meet the needs and budget of your nonprofit, tribe, county, or treatment program.
  • Board Development & Training
  • Executive Director, Supervisor, & Management Coaching / Support / & Training
  • Organizational Transitions and Realignment OR The “What Now?” Discussion After Major Curve Balls
  • Strategic Planning, Annual Planning, and Program Planning