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Consulting Services

Becky supports organizations in building capacity and resiliency. She provides training, coaching, hand-on consulting and strategic planning services, and practical advice. 

Ask Becky for a free consultation to discuss how your organization can create a board/CEO designed alliance, enhance strategic collaborations, develop the next generation of program directors and managers, build stakeholder investment in your organization, and explore new approaches and resources.

About Consulting With Becky

Contact Becky for a free initial consultation and bid.  Becky protects your confidentiality and will let you know if she believes she can help.  If she can’t help, Becky will suggest other resources.

Email to set up a time to talk. Provide your full contact information and a call back number.  Or, reach out on Becky’s landline: (218) 333-3832.

Individualized Scope of Services
Each organization has different needs and is at a different stage in its development. Your board and staff may only need help with a few components of your work…or you may need more intensive support. Becky works to respect these differences in designing a Scope of Services and bid. When you review this, you decide which services your organization wants to accept and decline those you don’t need.

When we partner to advance your work, Becky commits to the following:

+ Advice and support are practical and hands-on. The goal is to help you develop solutions and a plan that will address your specific needs and provide both immediate benefits and longer-term results.
+ Becky will be direct and transparent in communicating with you. She will ask hard questions as kindly as possible, give feedback, and propose options for your consideration.
+ You will work primarily with Becky. On occasion, she may involve an associate who has a different skill set if it will provide more benefit to your organization. This associate’s time will usually be included in your initial bid. If not, you will always be informed if this time will involve additional costs.   You have the right to decline additional services that were not in the initial bid.
+ If Becky believes another consultant may be a better fit for your organization or your needs, she will tell you.
+ Your organization’s confidentiality is always protected. While Becky sometimes shares stories to help other organizations learn, she never shares identifying details. 

Scheduling Time

Your questions are welcome.  Becky is generally available M-F 9:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. or at other times by appointment.  Because an evening or weekend may work best for some boards, send Becky an email to let her  know you need time & suggest times that work for you.  Becky often responds faster to email than voice mail.

Becky is available for weekend and evening retreats. Just let her know what works best for your organization.

Projects developed by Rebecca Schueller Training & Consulting, LLC

  • You’ll receive a bid for future services that fully outlines all costs and deliverables.  Your organization does not incur any costs until after the bid is accepted.  You choose among the services proposed according to your needs and budget.
  •  No surprises.  If there will be additional costs for other services you request after we begin our work, Becky will let you know in advance.  
  • All deliverables identified will be provided on time and within budget.
  • Becky provides free, phone and/or email follow-up advice and support for up to 3 months after the contract is completed.
  • You are welcome to contact Becky by phone between 9:00 a.m. & 6:00 p.m. central time M-F or by appointment.  You may contact Becky by email at any point.  She often responds faster to email.  If you’re facing an organizational crisis, Becky can be available on a weekend, early morning, or evening.

Invest in Your Organization

Nonprofit leaders, staff, and volunteers deserve support yet often believe they shouldn’t spend money on their own capacity. Yet, building organizational capacity often benefits your clients and constituents in the long-term.  It’s an honor to work with organizations which confront the painful reality that they can’t continue as they have previously.  The goal is to help organizations recover the costs they invest in capacity-building.

Make a fully informed decision for your organization. Contact Becky for a free consultation and then bring a bid and proposal to your board of directors to review.

Areas of Consulting

Board/CEO Working Relationship & Governance Partnership:

An effective board/CEO partnership is essential in resilient and effective nonprofit organizations. It provides the leadership cohesion that ensures delivery of excellent services to improve quality of life and community well-being over a sustained period. Becky will work with your board and CEO to define expectations and and a matrix of responsibilities and to help your new and existing board members fully understand their governance responsibilities.  Effective boards also need strong working agreements that outline values and expectations.  One of Becky’s foundational board training resources is The Nonprofit Board Designed Alliance.

Board Assessments:  Does your board need to reorganize?  Feeling as though something isn’t working quite right?  Becky can conduct a board assessment, using a survey tool and individual interviews, and then present findings to your full Board and discuss strategies to move toward better processes or perhaps a reorganization.

CEO/Executive Director Annual Evaluation:  Becky will work with your Board to develop an annual CEO (and board!) evaluation process. While the annual CEO evaluation is a basic board responsibility, fully effective boards benefit tremendously from constructive feedback that develops the strengths and builds the capacity of each partner.  Contact Becky to discuss a basic process for the CEO/Executive Director evaluation that allows your board to conduct this duty with professionalism and mutual respect.

New CEO/Executive Director Onboarding & Mentoring.  Request customized services to help with hiring the right CEO and successfully onboarding that individual.  Becky has trained and consulted with several hundred senior staff and executives throughout Minnesota in the past four years.  Utilize her connections to benefit your organization.

CEO Exits:  When a board and CEO need to discuss ending a working relationship, they can often benefit from structured support to end the partnership in a way that promotes the best interests of the organization and the well-being of the individual leaving.

Your initial consultation is always free. Contact Becky to discuss your needs.

Need Help with Organizational Transformation or Pivots?  Contact Becky when your organization needs to plan how it will move in new directions to respond to community needs, operations challenges, or to improve sustainability.  Or, consult with Becky when you need to re-evaluate the effectiveness or sustainability of a long-term program that may not currently provide the impact needed.

The continuing Covid-19 pandemic is an important time for planning.  The sheer pace of change and resulting uncertainty are unnerving.  Our nervous systems weren’t designed for ongoing fight/flight/(or freeze!) responses.  Planning can help.  During these difficult times, effective organizations will engage all of their committed staff and stakeholders in identifying the most important opportunities for their clients and communities.  Resilient organizations create strategic plans that establish both priorities and limits and build on strengths while “confronting the brutal realities.” Strategic planning should be rewarding…not a chore. It should leave board members and staff re-energized and re-invested in the essential, life-changing work of your organization. And it should give everyone, particularly the Executive Director, a short-term direction for the next 12 months and a longer-term direction for the next 3 years.  Design and implement a process and plan which reconnects stakeholders with your mission and vision, builds your organization’s capacity, and creates energy and momentum to advance your mission that can be communicated to the larger community. Funders get more invested when they are supporting projects and initiatives that result from high quality strategic planning which involves multiple stakeholders.

Your initial consultation is always free. Contact Becky to discuss your needs.

Becky is available to coach managers and supervisors who seek additional support for their roles.  Becky also facilitates difficult conversations between employees and supervisors, including those regarding performance improvement plans, behaviors that need to change, and more.

Becky rarely writes grants for organizations. She believes you’re paying primarily for her learning curve on your organization.  You already have committed staff who know your organization and client needs the best. And, grants work best when there’s a team effort among your staff.  Consider the many roles required to write competitive grants (see image).   Instead, hire Becky to support your team’s capacity to write successful grants.  With a successful, multi-year track record of Federal, State, and private foundation grants totaling several million dollars, Becky can help you analyze whether a funding source is right for your organization and what focus area(s) will be most compelling to funders.  Becky will engage with your staff to capture your program and service expertise. Becky is available to review, comment, and score grants or lead an internal  review and scoring analysis with your organization’s volunteers and staff.

Your initial consultation is always free. Contact Becky to discuss your needs.

With private foundation, national campaign, special event, and local nonprofit resource development expertise, Becky understands the funding challenges faced by nonprofits, tribes, and small public agencies in rural communities. Let Becky help you explore options, plan events that raise both money and agency friends, and help your team (or lonely Executive Director!) develop competitive grants.

Your initial consultation is always free. Contact Becky to discuss your needs.

“Not Another Spaghetti Dinner”

Becky has a track record and expertise in delivering high quality events and conferences that generate public awareness and raise money. Whether your goal is community awareness raising, donor recognition, stakeholder onboarding, or raising money, use Becky’s expertise to help your team plan and develop events that will build relationships, credibility, and funder goodwill.  Plan a “signature” event that will make your organization stand out from the crowd, while raising funds to support your mission and work.

Your initial consultation is always free. Contact Becky to discuss your needs.

Let Becky take the stress out of business writing for your organization. Use Becky’s expertise in creating and editing brochures, annual reports, presentations, and other documents.

Your initial consultation is always free. Contact Becky to discuss your needs.