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Supervision & Performance Appraisal Training

Effective January 2021 this series is 6 sessions/and will offer 15 Hours Attendance Credit 

This can be offered via a Webinar Series OR in-person once Covid-19 gathering restrictions end. Via Zoom Meeting (the link will be sent to registrants) – OR,Contact Becky to schedule this for your organization, school, or business –

Workshop Overview:

If you’re hoping to re-inspire your supervisory practices, gain new ideas, learn from your colleagues in the field, and recharge your confidence in yourself, this training is for you. We’ll discuss the Supervisor’s Pledge, the Team Designed Alliance, Micromanagement, Managing Former Peers, Difficult Feedback & Important Conversations, Progressive Discipline, Performance Improvement Plans, Annual Evaluations/Appraisals, & Creating “Tailwinds” to promote workplace diversity/equity/inclusivity, and Self-Care for Supervisors.  This training uses a relationship-based approach to supervision and staff engagement.  Small group breakout sessions, role plays (always voluntary), and participant discussion make this workshop engaging. Supervisory support makes a significant impact on employee mental health and well-being during ordinary times and more so in times of extreme stress and uncertainty.  Employers now have the opportunity to reinvent their organizational practices and culture to support the ability of staff to bring their best to their work.  Make sure that, as a supervisor, you receive the formal training you need for this cultural pivot.  Ensure that you are creating positive momentum to support diversity, inclusivity, and equity for employees.  How will your team designed alliance and communication agreements look different in this new period?  Do you view supervision time with staff and performance appraisals as opportunities to partner and learn your staff’s goals and hopes for their clients and their ideas for new ways to provide services or new programs that can help your organization adapt to the new realities?  With staggered schedules, communication with staff to learn the resources, tools, & support they need to do their jobs is a priority.  Ensure that your organization keeps “the right staff” to bring your organization through the Covid-19 recovery period.  With reduced resources, high quality staff who can perform at their best are essential.  Effective supervision is even more important in a remote work environment because not all employees are suited to create their own structure and work independently. Due to Covid-19 social distancing requirements, many employers have laid off, furloughed or reduced staff hours.  Combined with a lack of formal supervisory training, this can become a situation ripe for unhappy employees and significantly reduced long-term productivity.  Workforce development and training are critical during times of crisis as new practices are needed and opportunities for business, nonprofit, tribal, and governmental pivots become more important.

Who Should Attend:

This training is an excellent starting point for new supervisors, and many current and experienced supervisors have greatly appreciated it.  Nonprofit/tribal/and county human services managers, program directors, maintenance and transportation supervisors, financial services managers, county auditors, school principals, community college deans, and business professionals have appreciated this workshop.  The supervision, communication, and evaluation tools taught are relevant in multiple workplaces.

Participant Feedback:  (From county, tribal, and nonprofit staff and business employees who have attended this training) 

 “Literally everything was valuable.  I have tools that I can use immediately to help make supervision more structured and purposeful.  I can’t wait to share this information with our administration.” “I am very excited to implement the Team Designed Alliance.  You are a great presenter.  We gained a lot from this, and I love your passion and energy.” “Becky, Thank you so much for your time and all of the fantastically practical information you shared with us the past two days. There’s not much better than a training where you walk away with very usable tools to work on implementing right away.” “I appreciated your role modeling of difficult feedback.  I enjoyed this very much.” “All our Tribal Directors should attend this, especially Human Resources.” “I really hope my organization will have all the supervisors get this training.” “I gained confidence in having conversations and evaluations with staff.” “I learned to be much more deliberate in my interactions with staff.” “I really like the way you encouraged self-care and self-compassion.” “I loved the style in which you led the discussion.” “Everything was covered – thank you for the time you spent focusing on our organization.”


A pre-assessment survey will be sent one to two weeks prior to the workshop to assess your experiences and offer opportunities for you to share questions and scenarios in advance of the workshop.