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Grant Writing Readiness: It Takes a Team!

As of January 2021, this training will include 6 Sessions (15 Hours)

Workshop Description:

Resource development is more critical than ever.  Many small- and mid-size agencies use a solo-practitioner grant writer, while larger organizations may have a small grant writing department.  There are many critical roles to support competitive grants for direct service staff, administrative support staff, and board members and volunteers.  It’s important to master your community’s data, obtain high quality support letters and Memorandums of Understanding, develop strong logic models and workplans, conduct strategic internal grant reviews for large grants and more.  Build your organization’s grant writing team during this continuing work from home period.  Rebuild your grant capacity to promote effective recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.  Help your agency’s administrative staff, support staff, direct service professionals, volunteers, and program managers understand how to support your resource development efforts and build your capacity to generate more income to support your important work.

This workshop teaches core concepts of effective grants that can be used for both private and public funders.  A little planning goes a long way in developing your readiness to submit competitive, successful grants.

  • Learn the 5 questions your organization should ask before submitting proposals and the components of a competitive grant
  • Discover how to analyze funder priorities and make “the right ask”
  • Develop budgets that make sense for your agency’s bottom line
  • Make a strong case for operating funding
  • Learn the ranking, scoring, & review process for grants
  • Build your agency’s grant submission team
  • Develop your plan to impress funders during site visits
  • Increase your available time for larger, more complex (and lucrative!) grants by training others in your organization who wish to develop the capacity to write some of your smaller renewal grants
  • Create simple strategies to build and maintain ongoing relationships with your funders
  • Review the basic steps necessary to ensure that your agency will be remembered with respect (not dread!) when you re-apply for funding
  • Learn why “organizational readiness” for grant writing is essential to sustainability
  • Discuss ongoing learning, growth and development for grant writers
  • Ask all your questions!

Feedback from recent participants:

I recently completed the Grant Writing Readiness class that Becky taught via Zoom….it was fantastic! Although I had some grant writing experience to begin with, Becky was able to eliminate much of the “fear” of the “how to” and the “where to go” that I was experiencing. This course is for the very beginner and the experienced grant writer. I would highly recommend this course to anyone with the slightest bit of interest in grant writing.  Joan Miller, Journey Outreach/Riverside Community Church, Becida, MN

 This was a great workshop. Highly benefited from real-world examples and tips about grant writing as well as lots of helpful resources. Becky is a wealth of knowledge for both beginners and expert grant writers! I attended from Dubai, UAE and the sound and video was flawless.  Eamann Rabbat, American School of Creative Science

 Attended this training with Becky and all I can say is, after 15 years in nonprofits, this was most fun, interesting, informative and practical grant writing training I ever had. The tech quality was perfect – participating from Bosnia was super easy; all my questions were answered, extremely useful advices, materials and consultations provided – I highly recommend it!  Leila Anwar Pačariz, Operations Manager at Rabata, Inc., Sarajevo, Bosnia

This training and Becky’s wisdom and style truly opened the world of grant-writing to me and my department. From the basics of what do you begin with when you face an empty grant application on your screen to the final finesse of word usage and how to do internal reviews, she presented best practices and dropped pro tips. AND she helped us get to know our classmates and showed us how to network effectively just by example. My capacity to serve my organization has at least doubled as a result of this and her supervisory training. Bless you, Becky!   Najiyah Maxfield, Editorial Director at Daybreak Press

Thank you for the info-packed workshop. You organized and explained a subject that often overwhelms the ones that need it most. Most helpful for my organization was your detailed presentation on the Budget Narrative. Building it helps the organization, as well as the funder, to visualize the scope of the project.  Johanna Osman, Sakan Community Resource

Becky provided us with great information and resources related to grant writing that provides you with a welcome resource to take “home” for when you move forward with your own grant writing. I appreciate her energy and enthusiasm. She has a terrific way of including her participants in the workshops which helps people feel welcomed and valued in the learning experience. Thanks, Becky.  Colleen MacRae, Northwest Mental Health Center

 I truly enjoyed the class. I was very nervous about my level of knowledge regarding grant writing. You are a very engaging speaker and removed the fear I had starting this new adventure.  Janine Thaler, Family Safety Network


A pre-assessment survey will be sent one to two weeks prior to the workshop to assess your experiences and offer opportunities for you to share questions and scenarios in advance of the workshop.