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Governance Training for Boards & Senior Management

This workshop can be offered in a 4-hour or 6-hour format.  Basic Governance is 4 hours while Board Governance and Racial Equity is 6 hours.

Workshop Description:

Nonprofit boards are complicated because they are unique.  Nonprofits operate in challenging circumstances, and are not as clearly understood as the business, education, and government sectors.  Boards are also working on Diversity, Equity, & Inclusivity goals.  This is a priority for funders and the many board members who care deeply about these values.  What does this mean in practice and how do we recruit and retain diverse board members?  How are our processes and policies experienced by board members from different backgrounds?  Are you a new or a very experienced board member wondering if you’re really doing what you should?  Even after many years of board service, some board members are frustrated.  While they support the organization’s work 100{fc6ceb31d80ec6fabac42d0f5acbad593f1794ee702287db734e3a34db1da57f}, they don’t fully understand their capacity to make a meaningful impact and their primary responsibilities as board members.  Some boards are highly functional and have open communication.  On other boards, there is a small cadre of members who set direction and make the “real” decisions.  Even strong, assertive individuals have moments during board meetings when they are uncomfortable expressing their opinions on an issue or decision.  Some boards love their executive directors and feel very lucky…others do not. In a world of seemingly diminishing resources, how do we continue our important work? Join your board colleagues to discuss these challenges and gain resources, ideas, and strategies to support your vitally important community roles as nonprofit board members. Discuss the four primary roles of nonprofit boards in common sense language while still addressing the Minnesota Attorney General’s standards for Duties of Care, Obedience, and Loyalty
  • How do we make real progress on racial equity and diversity goals?
  • Do our organizational policies meet DEI criteria?
  • Our board doesn’t have time to do strategic planning every year, but how do we figure out if we’re on track and set priorities?
  • Besides chairing meetings, what should I be doing as the Board Chair?
  • What are my responsibilities as an individual board member and how do I make a meaningful impact?
  • What is a healthy process for the annual Executive Director evaluation? Our board procrastinates every year because we don’t enjoy this role!
  • I’m not on the Finance Cte., do I have to review the audit and Form 990?
  • What do I do if staff members approach me with concerns about the organization?

Intended Audience:

This workshop is designed for new board members, experienced board members, executive directors, management teams, and others who want their boards and organizations to function more effectively and contribute to meaningful community impact.


A pre-assessment survey will be sent one to two weeks prior to the workshop to assess your experiences and offer opportunities for you to share questions and scenarios in advance of the workshop.