Rebecca Schueller Training & Consulting delivers hand-on services and practical advice designed to help your organization achieve its vision and build its capacity and resiliency. Services help Boards of Directors, CEOs, and staff build on existing strengths and develop strategies that effectively address areas for improvement. Ask Becky for a free consultation to discuss how your organization can create a board/CEO designed alliance, enhance strategic collaborations, develop the next generation of program directors and managers, build stakeholder investment in your organization, and explore new approaches and resources.  

Professional Consulting Services

Consulting Services

*Planning:  program planning, annual planning, organizational consolidations/mergers, & strategic planning

*Board–CEO/Executive Director Collaboration, Problem-Solving & Negotiation

*Board Reorganization & Board Assessments

*New Executive Director Recruitment/Hiring/Onboarding/Mentoring

*Executive Director Mentoring & Support

*Supervisor Coaching & Mentoring

*Supervisor–Employee Facilitated Discussion & Negotiation (Mediation contracting available)

*Grant Planning/Coaching/Editing (don’t hire me to write your grants, hire me to build and support the capacity of your staff)

*Grant Implementation/Management Problem-Solving & Support

Contact me for a free initial consultation or quote –  Text to (218) 760-9470 (provide a first name, organization, and call back number).  Landline:  (218) 333-3832.

Our Working Relationship

Individualized Scope of Services

     Each organization has different needs and is at a different stage in its development. Your board and staff may only need help with a few components of your work…or you may need more intensive support. I try to respect these differences in designing a Scope of Services and bid. When you review this, you decide which services your organization wants to accept and decline those you don’t wish to utilize.

When we partner to advance your work, I commit to the following:

 My advice and support are practical and hands-on. My goal is to help you develop solutions and a plan that will address your specific needs and provide both immediate benefits and longer-term results.

 I will be direct and transparent in my communication with you. I will ask hard questions as kindly as possible, give feedback, and propose options for your consideration.

 You will work primarily with me. On occasion, I will suggest using an associate who has a different skill set if I believe it will benefit your organization. This associate’s time will usually be included in your initial bid. If not, I will always tell you if this time will involve additional costs. You have the right to decline additional services that were not in the initial bid.

 If I don’t believe I am the right fit for your organization or your needs, I will tell you.

 I always protect your organization’s confidentiality. While I do sometimes share stories to help other organizations learn, I never share identifying details. If I wish to share your story to help other organizations learn, I will ask for permission in advance.

Scheduling Time

I welcome your questions and am available M-F 9:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. or at other times by appointment.  Feel free to send me an email to let me know you need time & suggest times that work for you.  If I’m available, I’ll let you know. I often respond faster to email than voice mail.

Yes,  I am available for weekend retreats.  I realize that weekends may be the best option for board members who have full-time jobs.  Just let me know what works best for your organization.

Examples of Projects Developed Under Contract to Rebecca Schueller Training & Consulting

Projects developed by Rebecca Schueller Training & Consulting, LLC

What Your Fee Includes

Fee Structure and Commitments

  • I offer a pro bono initial assessment and will submit a bid for future services that fully outlines all costs and deliverables.  Your organization does not incur any costs until after the bid is accepted.  You choose among the services proposed according to your needs and budget.

  • I charge $75.00/hour. I will always give you a bid before services begin.  If there will be additional costs for other services you request after we begin our work, I will let you know in advance. I include a reasonable materials fee, and this will be identified in your bid. Mileage costs will also be clearly noted.

  • I will provide the deliverables identified on time and within budget.

  • I provide free, phone and/or email follow-up advice and support for up to 3 months after our contract is completed.

  • You are welcome to contact me via phone between 9:00 a.m. & 6:00 p.m. central time M-F or by appointment.  You may contact me via email at any point.  I often respond faster to email.  In an organizational crisis, I can be available on a weekend or evening.

Invest in Your Organization

Nonprofit leaders, staff, and volunteers deserve support yet often believe they shouldn’t spend money on their own capacity. Paradoxically, building organizational capacity often benefits your clients and constituents in the long-term. I have been honored to work with organizations which acknowledged that they couldn’t continue as they had previously. And, these organizations believed that they would recover the costs they invested in capacity-building.

Make a fully informed decision for your organization. Contact me for a FREE consultation and then bring a bid and proposal to your board of directors to review.

Board/CEO Partnerships

Becky welcomes the opportunity to help new and existing boards and board members understand and rethink roles and responsibilities and how to work together as a cohesive team.

An effective board/CEO partnership is essential in resilient and effective nonprofit organizations. It provides the leadership cohesion that ensures delivery of excellent services to improve quality of life and community well-being over a sustained period. Becky will work with your board and CEO to define expectations and responsibilities, design processes for information-sharing, and develop an annual CEO and board! evaluation process. While the annual CEO evaluation is a basic board responsibility, fully effective boards benefit tremendously from constructive feedback that develops the strengths and builds the capacity of each partner. Becky also offers customized services to help with hiring the right CEO and successfully onboarding that individual. And, when a board and CEO need to discuss ending a working relationship, they can often benefit from structured support to end the partnership in a way that promotes the best interests of the organization and the well-being of the individual leaving.

  Click at the bottom of this page to contact Becky for a free consultation to discuss your Board’s needs.

Strategic Alignment & Planning

Revitalize this activity which is so often dreaded by both CEOs and boards! Resilient organizations create strategic plans that establish both priorities and limits and build on strengths while “confronting the brutal realities.” Strategic planning can re-energize your Board, CEO, and staff, as well as funders and stakeholders. Design and implement a process and plan which reconnects stakeholders with your mission and vision, builds your organization’s capacity, and creates energy and momentum to advance your mission that can be communicated to the larger community. Funders get more invested when they are supporting projects and initiatives that result from high quality strategic planning which involves multiple stakeholders.

Contact Becky (use the form below) to request a free consultation to discuss a  strategic planning process designed to meet your organization’s needs.

Grant Review & Comments

With a successful, multi-year track record of Federal, State, and private foundation grants totaling several million dollars, Becky can help you analyze whether a funding source is right for your organization and what focus area(s) will be most compelling to funders.  Becky will engage with your staff to capture your program and service expertise. Becky is available to review, comment, and score grants or lead an internal  review and scoring analysis with your organization’s volunteers and staff.  Grant support services are customized based on your budget and internal grant capacity.

Contact Becky to discuss a bid and scope of services that works for your organization.

Resource Development & Earned Income Strategies

With private foundation, national campaign, special event, and local nonprofit resource development expertise, Becky understands the funding challenges faced by nonprofits, tribes, and small public agencies in rural communities. Let Becky help you explore options, plan events that raise both money and agency friends, and help your team (or lonely Executive Director!) develop competitive grants.

Contact Becky to ask how she can help your organization with resource development.

Grant & Program Evaluation

In a highly competitive grant environment, public and private funders want to see “return on investment” and demonstrated results. This requires an evaluation plan for your ongoing program(s) and any new projects. Let Becky build on your agency’s existing strengths by helping you create a new evaluation or reviewing, editing, and further developing your existing evaluation design. This will often be a pre-grant submission component developed to help make the case for funding. Becky will also help you develop and implement a clearly outlined process for pre- and post-assessment and documentation of results.

Contact Becky for a bid and scope of services to help with new program development and grant or program evaluation.

Signature Events & Fundraisers

“Not Another Spaghetti Dinner” 

Becky has a track record and expertise in delivering high quality events and conferences that generate public awareness and raise money. Whether your goal is community awareness raising, donor recognition, stakeholder onboarding, or raising money, use Becky’s expertise to help your team plan and develop events that will build relationships, credibility, and funder goodwill.

Contact Becky to develop a “signature” event that will make your organization stand out from the crowd, while raising funds to support your mission and work.

Program/Project Development and Planning

Drawing on an extensive experience base in new program development, Becky will assist your organization in planning, service market analysis, assessing feasibility, and developing implementation strategies and cost projections for new projects and programs. Becky also prepares Community Needs Assessments.

Contact Becky to discuss your organization’s plans to meet community needs.

Professional & Business Writing

Let Becky take the stress out of business writing for your organization. Use Becky’s expertise in creating and editing brochures, annual reports, presentations, and other documents.

Your initial consultation is always free.  Contact Becky for a bid.


“Goals are dreams with a plan and a timeline.”